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Please see below for a small collection of my favourites.

Sans Logique


Beyond my control

This song is one of my real favourites. And the video..., and the video is...

Je voudrais tant que tu comprennes

An example of the "emotional Mylène".


Le jour décroit; la nuit augmente, souviens-toi! (Minns: natten faller på, din dag är snabbt förliden!) Could you think of a better song to start a concert? I don't think so.


Je suis aussi d'une génération désenchantée

Sans contrefaçon

I am sorry that I can't show you the video to this song. If you get a chance, buy it!


Do I have to explain why this is one of my favorites


Yes, we need love! All of us. (Or, the perfect song for a ride in a Saab Convertible in 230 km/h with the top down. Ask me and I will tell you...)


No comments needed.   "Je te promets. D'être là. Pour l'éternité" - "I promise you. To be there. At all eternity"

Mylène s'en fout

Don't care...

Just a red line
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Just a red line
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