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[Part of the cover picture for the Ainsi soit je... album]
(Part of the cover picture to the "Ainsi soit je..." album)

Yes my friends, this is Mylène. French singer and my favorite artist since 1986 when I first could hear "Libertine" on the radio. Might need to explain to any "non-Swedish" reader that the Swedish radio is very much focused on American and English artists, so to hear a French artist is really a big event.

And then to find the CD... I think that it must had been easier to find The Holy Grail then to find a shop where they know about French music in general and about Mylène. "Who did you say that you are looking for? Could you spell his name. Hum... Farmer, have never heard, don't think that we had anyone with that name, sorry." (And of cause, they always pronounced  her last name as the English word "farmer")

Now I do not remember where I found the CD, but I would like to thank whoever it was that saved me from a total mental breakdown. Now the situation is improved and I can find at least the albums (but not all sigles) in one or two shops nearby. On the other hand I visit France and Paris three to four times every year and then I have the chance to buy what I can't find at home.

But why Mylène? Why do I like her music? Well, not easy to explain if you have not listed to any of her songs, and it's even harder if you do not understand the lyrics. The best you can do is to find one of her albums, listen to the songs and find your own road to her world. But that is beyond my control

When I get some more time I will tell you more, but in the meantime I would like to provide you with the following links to other Mylène sites and pages and a list of my favorites.

And if you for some strange reason would like to know me, feel free to visit my humble page.

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