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IRC #Mylene

The IRC channel where Mylène Farmer fans meet and if you would like to meet nice people for a chat before you go to bed, this is the channel to join.

#mylene can be found on the following servers (at least the servers that I have found, so please tell me if I have missed one.)

  • irc.superlink.net
  • mars.superlink.net
  • standrews.uk.eu.superchat.org

To connect to #mylene I use the mIRC software from mIRC Co. Ltd, http://www.mirc.co.uk Available in 16 and 32 bit versions.

IRC Meetings!

No, IRC is not asocial! At least not if you join #Mylene an meet the IRC friends in real life.

Check out my photos from the London 28-Feb - 02-Mar 1997.

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